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Back from El Camino, and now what??


El camino, segunda parte 068

After 111km walking during 5 rainy and intense days  with the girls (Sara and Osane) we finally arrived to Santiago de Compostela… :) Yeaaaaah!

It was not easy… but we made it and we will do it again one day (that’s actually what everybody says, hihihi). Along the way we encountered very nice people, injuries, bad sleeping, lots of rain and very few sun, good food, lots of laughs, disagreements, courage, thoughts, reflexions, inspiration… bla, bla, bla…

However I did not find what I was looking for, my path in life… One of the reasons why I wanted to do el Camino was to clarify my thoughts and discover what I wanted to do in life. Well, it just didn’t happened how I had expected, hahaha.

The good news is that I can restate now that “Everything happens for a reason”… ;-) It just had to be like that. Here I leave some of the things we learned during this great adventure.

  • Life will give you what you can face
  • Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain
  • The mind is like a parachute, it only works if you open it
  • Distance is relative
  • Everyone has its own rhythm, do not force it ;-)
  • Keep on walking, you never know what life will bring you
  • El Camino will not give you what you are looking for (my case), but what you need; do not see the way as a goal but as a school… Get to know yourself… ;-)

Now that El Camino was finished it was time to go back home and go back to reality. We had no clue where we would end up a month from then. What I did know is that I would be true to myself, my values and believes and that I will follow my dreams!  A year from then we are following our dreams in Australia, Georgia and Gent (not bad, right?). Lets see where we are in a year from now! ;-)


This is us again about to arrive… I see it now as one of the most difficult moments along the way, but look at us, don’t we look happy? We were and we always are because we want to be ;-)

Thank you again girls for such a lovely time and so many good memories, it was awesome!

Buen camino,


P.D. What is it that you learned in El Camino? I would love to hear from you!! ;-)

One year after starting “El Camino”


P1060054I can’t really believe one year has passed since we started walking El Camino… We were three young girls (Sara, Osane and Sara) who barely knew each other in person but that had shared a lot thanks to the Internet (it is crazy how the media can connect people nowadays!). We knew where we were coming from (same job that was recently over in different locations in the world: Viena, NY & Brussels) but we had no clue where we would end up in the coming future…

P1060039This is me exactly one year ago… What has changed? Can you see something different? I do… hahaha I feel like a whole new person since then… At that moment I had tons of questions in my head: how would it go among the three of us? Will it be too much walking? Am I bringing too much stuff? Will I be able to find the right food for me? Will we meet nice people along the way? How would the weather be like?… But the most important question… What will I do with my life after El Camino??

Well, I will tell you the answers to these questions next week, when El Camino was supposed to come to an end after 5 days of walking, rain, pain, good food, thoughts, sayings and happiness :)

So far I will say that sharing such an experience with this two friends was absolutely priceless… I still remember like if it was yesterday the moment when I met one of them for the first time in my life on a train and when we both met the third one at the bus station  in Monforte de Lemos… It was like if I had known them from my whole life…  :) The three of us so different and so much alike at the same time… We are dreamers, we cannot help it, but that’s fine because I dont think we want to do something about it but keep on dreaming BIG! :)


Thank you very much Sara and Osane for such a good vibe, so many laughs -indeed a lot ;-)- and coming with me! I still smile every time I think about our adventure… When and where will it be the next one? :p



Because you never know what life will bring you… ;-)


This is me, under the beatiful French sun in Val Thorens...Yes… This is me three years ago, looking into my new future in Brussels!  (crazy hair huh! :p ). Today it is my 3rd anniversary in Belgium, and to be honest that is exactly the last think I would have expected when I landed… :)

At that moment I wanted to travel the world, and although I hadn’t even arrived to my new destination (where I would stay for two years according to my job contract) I was already thinking of the next one! hahaha. Well, I did change cities after those two years, but although I never stopped pursuing my dream job, I could not really figure out how it looked like…

Last year at that time, I was simply lost. About to start “El Camino de Santiago” to clear up my mind and find out what I really wanted… Well, it didn’t happen, hahaha. Among the things I learned together with my friends Sara & Osane is that “El Camino (as well as life) doesn’t give you what you are looking for but what you need…

After all the chaos and confusion during the past two years my new career and destination called me! I know where I am right now, but I have no clue how life will look like in a couple of months! Exciting, tight? Well, it is for me! Everything can happen! I trust the Universe, I stay calm and positive although right now my future doesn’t seem to be very clear to me… hehaha.

I just remind to myself that “I am where I am supposed to be, and that’s THE place to be

Have a great day & a happy unexpected life!

Sara.es :)