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Beautiful things take time to grow…


Are you a bit impatient some times? Do you lose your nerves easily when things don’t go as expected? Well, maybe there is a reason why! Following our dreams is great, but sometimes it takes a bit more time than we would like it to… So breathe in, breathe out and take this as your new mantra! “Beautiful things take time to grow”

Beautiful things take time to grow

Have a great week and keep up!

Big hug and much love,


Thank You, Than You, Thank You… & …Happy New Year! ♥


After 3 weeks of some sort of holidays, I am back to wish you all the best for 2014! What are your plans to make your dreams come true? Have you already written your goals? I have revised mine and I am already working to get them with a lot of gratitude! So this is how I want to star this first post of the year, giving thanks for everything I have in my life!


Thank you, than you, thank you mum and dad for being so supportive, caring and loving me so much, I love you! Thank you, than you, thank you to the rest of my family for becoming closer to us the last year :)

Thank you, than you, thank you my dear and closest friends Laura, Sara, Sandra, Marga, Camilla, Olga, Jeroen, Marina & Katrien. You were ALWAYS there when I needed you the most, to share, relax, cry or laugh together. You made me feel special & loved. Thank you for your time, messages, talks, support, shoulder, big hugs… You are all GREAT!

Thank you, than you, thank you to everyone on the net following me, liking my contents and encouraging me to keep on making people’s life easier and happier through healthier habits and specially food! It would not make any sense without you guys!

Thank you, than you, thank you to all the people I know in Ghent that make me feel this is my second home. Thank you, than you, thank you  roomies, friends, colleagues… My life in Ghent would not be the same without you

Thank you, than you, thank you  to my little big family in Brussels for all the support and encouragement. You really make my life easier and fun! I’d love to see you more often and share more wonderful moments together. Special thanks to Estefanía & Juande and David & Irene for hosting me, giving me so much and being so nice to me! Love you guys!

Thank you, than you, thank you  to all the visits I had this year, specially the ones who came from far away: Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain… Thank you, than you, thank you  Laura, Camilla & Daan, Olga, Rosa & Luis. Hope to see you very soon!

Thank you, than you, thank you for the trips that I could finally enjoy in Poland, Belgium, Spain & Germany. Hopefully there will be many more next year! :)

Thank you, than you, thank you for all the people who are not that close to me anymore but meant a lot to me in the past.

Thank you, than you, thank you for all my job opportunities as a freelance and working for De Natuur Frituur. It was awesome to work in the health coaching and tourism field! Thank you, than you, thank you, this year I enjoyed very much working and while earning enough money to pay my bills   :)

And last, but not least, thank you, than you, thank you to my dearest body for giving me right signs at the right moment to teach me how to take care of myself and keep up with a healthy lifestyle :) Thank you, than you, thank you for healing and letting go. Thank you, than you, thank you for being strong and keep up! ♥

I am truly grateful for all this and for the great people and things to come in 2014. I give thanks in advance for more health, love, joy,  feeling good moments, great relationships, beautiful experiences,  healthy food, interesting jobs, nice clients, outstanding trips, money, free time, holidays, big hugs, smiles, laughs, freedom, commitment, more love, more health and more happiness… ♥

What are you grateful for?

Big big hug and many blessings,


Why is it happening for me vs. to me?


Why is this happening for me

Have you ever wondered “why is this happening to me?”? I thought so, hahah, been there ;-) how about this new perspective…?

“Why is this happening FOR me?”

I love it, it just creates a whole new world of opportunities and space for new things… what if was all a dive plan made specially for you to help you wake up and start doing new things? What if it was exactly what you needed to get where you want to go?

Are you ready? Embrace whatever that is stopping you and making you feel bad, sad, anxious, you name it! Thank it for having protected you untill now and let it go… Its time to see the challenge as a gift and move on to make it happen. Trust me, it’s all about trust and being grateful, you are ready, go for it and embrace the change it’s about to happen!

Big big hug and much love,


Make a wish…


IMG_1910_resizedHow often do we dream with whatever we want to happen but the closer we are the more scared we get and the harder it seems to reach it? Why don’t we dare? Where does the resistance come from? What are we afraid of? Don’t we deserve it?

Although I am doing very good with many things in my life, I still feel some resistance. I know it is the general feeling for many people, some things are moving and shaking, but in other areas nothing seems to happen…

This weekend I spend some time with someone who reminded me that everything is possible, that we just have to create our chances and get them! Thank you Maarten! That was a precious tip!

On the other hand tonight it is new moon, perfect moment to create new things in our lives… November has just started and is certainly going to bring many new things in my life. The year is about to end but still many things have to develop one way or another, so let’s help it a little bit!

Sunday eve I wrote my wish down and this week I am showing up more than ever… I am sure I will see amazing results very soon! :) Mliracles happen every day! I believe in it, I embrace them and I allow them to happen! Do you want the same in your life? Go out of your comfort zone and make it happen, it is  much easier than we think!! We just have to be ready and take action :) I am… What about you? ;-)

Thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend. Thank you in advance for the great week ahead with new energy and old friends visiting, it’s going to be awesome!

What is your wish? :)

Big hug and much ♥,


If I can do it, you can do it… ;-) Just dare to try!


2013-10-20 13.18.48Today I have accomplished one of my biggest challenges and goals before I turn 30, I have run a 5km race! :) Yesssssssss! For some people it might not mean much, but for me it means EVERyTHiNG!

I admit it, I never liked running, and although I had tried to start several times in the last 6 years, I never managed to run more than 20′ without stopping… Today, for the first time in my life and after 42min I achieved one of my dreams!

Although I knew I was ready for the challenge, I freaked out when we were about to start… I started to stare at all the participants, they all looked soooo professional… :( Fortunately my friend, flatmate and run-buddy Tim was there to remind that I should not compare myself to others. What a big true! :)

I panicked for a second…: “what if I am the last one?” Well, someone has to be, right… ?

3, 2, 1, GO! We start running and everybody passes my by… There is just one thing that crosses my mind: “You are going to do this, you can do this… don’t think of the others, you can go slow, it’s fine, but you are going to make it! Everyone has its own rhythm, just make sure you can follow yours so that you don’t have to stop or go walking. Keep your head up, breath and keep running, you are AwEsOmE!“.

When I realised I had run my first 20′ I was already alone, hehe. Even the 80 years old man had passed me… I felt the energy to keep on running, I felt powerful, but I suddenly began to cry… At that moment I was going to make it, like everything else in my life I could dream about… I was there, thanks to my inner force and the support of many people. At that very moment it was not about the race anymore, it was about my whole life and all the challenges I have faced and that are on my way! It was not about me anymore, it was about everyone’s dreams! If I could do it, everyone could do it! Everything is possible, you just have to train, trust and dare to try it! :)

2013-10-20 13.19.51

When I finished I waited for Tim, who went for the 10k. He did amazingly great, he crossed the end of race just 6′ after me!! :) He could not believe it, we were both supper happy of our performances! :) Congrats Tim, and thank you VERY, VERY MUCH! You know I will never ever forget you, “we wrote history… :P”

Now, we will keep on training and go for the next step, but if I could do this, I have no doubt that in december I will be able to run my first 10k! I will tell you more about it then!

Which has been your biggest challenge so far?

Big, big hug and much ♥,


P.D. I did finish the last one from the 5k, but you know what? I am very happy and super proud of myself that I dared to try and I made it! :D

Thoughts and efects after a 4 days detox… :)


Are you curious about  what happened after a few days following a gentle detox? MaGiC! hahaha. Four days is not enough to feel all the benefits of a detox, actually it is when you start feeling that your body is releasing all the toxins and somehow it makes you want more! As I told you in my last post Laura came to share the experience with me, so here we are with our first green juice, as happy as we could be :)

2013-10-03 13.40.04


Although I normally follow a quite healthy diet (quite a lot of raw food, vegan, gluten and sugar-free based), it did have an impact in my body….  I was feeling very light and “high”, hehe (which kind of funny since I never take any drugs). I was missing some energy, but we also did a lot of things, so I guess it is normal…  (Next time I will be resting MUCH more and drinking more water!! hahaha)

The idea was to eat super healthy, exercise, stay away from the social media and re-connect with myself. What really happened is that we talked to many interesting people and we spent some hours talking, walking, cycling, shopping, teaching Spanish, working, resting, cooking, sight-seeing, drinking tea and green juices, having fun and enjoying our healthy food. As a result of all that I leave you my main thoughts:

  • Everything happens for a reason“. There are no mistakes, we are where we are supposed to be
  • After looking back to my life I realised how happy I am for having so many good memories  and lovely experiences… ♥
  • Patience, everything has its right moment
  • Follow your heart, your inner voice or however you wanna call it, it’s always right!
  • I am doing great, I am doing what I am supposed to be doing :)
  • Take action! Baby steps are fine too, but take them!
  • If your body is talking to you, listen! It might be important…
  • You already have all you need, most of the times is right in front of you but you can’t see it…
  • Take some time off, there is no need to be connected to everyone all the time, better to be connected to yourself!

This was just door to a new beginning… It’s time to fly and shine! I am already busy with my next projects, waiting for the right people to come to my life to help me develop them and grow together! In the meantime, I will get started with my baby steps, don’t miss any post, it’s going to be super interesting!

Thanks a lot Laura for such a MAGIC weekend! See you in November Soul Sister… ♥




Big hug and much love,


Life is too short to… (fill in the gap!)


Today I woke up with sad news. I wont give details, but it really made me think about the meaning of life… We cannot do anything now to go back to the past to say or do things differently, however we are always on time to do something about it NOW!

“Life is to short to…

… leave things unsaid”

… not do what you want”

… not say “I love you” with all your heart”

… not fall in love every chance you might have”

… not be happy”

… … … … … …

How would you finish the sentence?? Here you have some more ideas… ;-)


Have a great life!

Big hug and much love,


P.D. 1. I thank the universe for being alive and enjoying every single minute of my existence! :)

P.D.2. RIP u all :*) a new beginning is waiting for you! You will be fine wherever you are, we’ll take good care of us down here! ;-)


Back from El Camino, and now what??


El camino, segunda parte 068

After 111km walking during 5 rainy and intense days  with the girls (Sara and Osane) we finally arrived to Santiago de Compostela… :) Yeaaaaah!

It was not easy… but we made it and we will do it again one day (that’s actually what everybody says, hihihi). Along the way we encountered very nice people, injuries, bad sleeping, lots of rain and very few sun, good food, lots of laughs, disagreements, courage, thoughts, reflexions, inspiration… bla, bla, bla…

However I did not find what I was looking for, my path in life… One of the reasons why I wanted to do el Camino was to clarify my thoughts and discover what I wanted to do in life. Well, it just didn’t happened how I had expected, hahaha.

The good news is that I can restate now that “Everything happens for a reason”… ;-) It just had to be like that. Here I leave some of the things we learned during this great adventure.

  • Life will give you what you can face
  • Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain
  • The mind is like a parachute, it only works if you open it
  • Distance is relative
  • Everyone has its own rhythm, do not force it ;-)
  • Keep on walking, you never know what life will bring you
  • El Camino will not give you what you are looking for (my case), but what you need; do not see the way as a goal but as a school… Get to know yourself… ;-)

Now that El Camino was finished it was time to go back home and go back to reality. We had no clue where we would end up a month from then. What I did know is that I would be true to myself, my values and believes and that I will follow my dreams!  A year from then we are following our dreams in Australia, Georgia and Gent (not bad, right?). Lets see where we are in a year from now! ;-)


This is us again about to arrive… I see it now as one of the most difficult moments along the way, but look at us, don’t we look happy? We were and we always are because we want to be ;-)

Thank you again girls for such a lovely time and so many good memories, it was awesome!

Buen camino,


P.D. What is it that you learned in El Camino? I would love to hear from you!! ;-)

Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life! Yeahhhh! :)


Celebrating.... :)

I want to invite you all to take part of this new journey that officially starts today but actually started long time ago… TODAY IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE, like every other day you could think, hehe, but today I celebrate that I become officially independent! ;-) It doesn’t just mean that from now onwards I will have “a job” or have to pay my taxes or that I need clients (which I also do, btw, hehe), but it means that I have found my path! Yessssssssss! I am following a dream that has been taking shape during the last years and has become true in a way that I would have never expected! However I could not be happier!  And therefore I want to thank you all for having met you and be/have been somehow part of my life.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about yet, I am still Sara (or Sarita for some of you) from Rivas (Madrid), the one who left 5 years ago on exchange and never came back, ups! Well, I am also Sara (still Sarita for some of you), this “kind of crazy” Spanish girl who moved Ghent to learning Dutch and who now happens to be a “Health Coach”! … Interesting… right?

To make the story short and get where I want to go, I just wanted to “re-present” myself and tell you what I am up to now… After some years of being out of balance and quite lost I finally found my passion and my way, and therefore I would like to share some of the things that I have learned with you! As you might have noticed by now, as a Health Coach, I help people reaching their goals through small changes that would lead them to a healthier lifestyle! Amazing, right?  I think so… hihi ;-)

Anyway, besides giving workshops, cooking lessons, info sessions and working  with clients on one to one as well as in groups, I also want to share with you that I do stay healthy. In this blog I will be posting about the small things that make a big difference in my life and that can also make it in yours! From what I have for breakfast to keep the energy all day long, to the song that lifts up my mood when I am down, fast but good recipies  or how do I manage to eat healthy even when travelling or eating out! –from there the name “on the GO!” ;-)-

This might be especially interesting if you are celiac, vegetarian, vegan, flexeterian (you name it), you are having some intolerances (gluten, wheat, nuts, soy, sugar, lactose, diary in general, etc), going through some illnesses with specific diets (candidas, diabetes, IBS, etc) or you just want to create and maintain healthier habits in your life. It is about learning how to go with the flow, let go, connect with yourself, with others and with nature while living in this hectic society!

I am here for you, so share it with whomever you think might like it and participate, please! That is how we all grow!!

Thank you all for being there and make me such a happy person! ;) Special thanks for those who believe in me and remind me every day that I can make it.  Thanks for all your love, hugs, smiles and kind words… Mención especial a mis padres, sin ellos no estaría hoy aquí (¡os quiero mucho!).Heel erg bedankt aan mijn “Gentse familie” voor al jullie steun, al jullie onderricht en geduld” (will get there one day guys… :P)

Big big hug and much love to everyone!

Sara.es on the GO!

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