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Sunday without intertnet! What a nice detox! :)



No, I was not away for the weekend, and yes, I needed to feel a bit disconnected from everything! :) Did it work? OF COURSE! I loved it actually! :) Today it was harder to catch up with all the e-mails, FB, etc, but it was so much worth it that I will definitely make it part of my weekends… (and most evenings too, even if I stay at home and/or have some stuff to do on the internet).

What are the benefits I got from it?

  • I had time for the things I usually postpone: going for a walk, organising my room, cleaning up the house, sit down and relax, read, watch a movie… 
  • I did not have to think about working, I could just enjoy my self and my company! Btw, the fact that it was a sunny day helped a lot! :)
  • During my walk I re-connected with nature and myself
  • I breathed! :)

So, why not to try it too? What are those things you will start doing when doing an internet detox??

BiG HuG,