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Gone to the beach…? – A dream come true :)



I can’t express how happy I am today! :) For the first time since I can remember I have been swimming in the sea and a lake the last two weekends! I was always the one saying “thanks for the invite, but no… :(“. Although I would like to join to whatever outside summer activity I would always come up with a “good excuse”: “I’m allergic to the sun”, “it is too hot for me”,” I don’t feel like it”…  I’ve missed all kind of cool events in the summer thanks to my “fears” and my allergy…

What has changed then? Well, my diet and my thoughts to begin with… :)

If you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right!

-Henry Ford-

Since last summer I’ve quit dairy and my intake of veggies (specially the green ones) has almost doubled, which has nearly finished with my skin problems (I have suffered from eczema and other issues during my whole life). This week, for the first time in YEARS I went outside when it was warm and the sun was shining in my shorts and t-shirt (no long trousers or long sleeve shirts)! You might not know me, but no-one had ever seen me like that in my adult life! hahaha

The best of all?I had lots of fun saying “yes” to going to the beach or the lake, playing sports under the sun in my bikini, swimming, playing at the water sledge AND getting a tanned! Of course I used a lot of sun cream, but I didn’t get burned, eczema or whatsoever! :)

Moral: eat tons of veggies instead of processed food and believe that anything is possible. Getting tanned was my Christmas wish for this year… :) Thank you Universe for guiding me towards it, It is one of the best presents EVER! :)

Which dream would you like to make come true?

Big hug and have a great summer! (I will… :P)

P.S. Visualisation has also helped me A LOT, hehehe ;-)

Do you want to re-connect with yourself this summer? Dont miss this summer camp in Antwerp! ;-)


zomer weken

I know, it is not summer yet, but do you already have plans? Don’t know what to do or have no people to do it with? Well, that was me last year, haha. I wanted to do something my future self would thank me for and have fun at the same time. More than taht I met very nice people and learned a lot about macrobiotics, yoga and eastern medicine among others… I also had the time to relax and enjoy just “being”… Doesn’t it sound cool? Wouldn’t you love to do the same? Well, you can! :)

Last year I spent a great week in Antwerp at Summer Camp organised by “De Natuurlijke Kookschool”. This year it will take place from the 29th of July till the 3rd of August. If you want to learn more about it I invite you check this video and visit their website!

Summer Camp in Antwerp 2012 :)


I will be there, hope to see you around! :)

Big hug,