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Yesssss! We did it!!



Sometimes in life you just have to show up and the Universe will do the rest for you! After a month with a lot of ups and downs specially health wise, I am happy to say that everything is fine in possible if you believe you can do it! Marina and I  had decided to take part in the WinterLoop in Ghent long time ago. Our first plan was to run 10k, but after listening to our common sense and bodies we thought that it would be better to go for 5k instead. And here they come the great news, we managed to finish in 43:10 minutes without having trained! Yessssss!!! Thank you for the organisation, all the random supporters, my roommates and friends to make it possible! Special thanks to Marina for running with me, I am very proud of both of us, we are doing great!

We are already looking forward to RE-START training again and to go for the 10k sometime in 2014!

What is your challenge for 2014?

Big hug and much love,


If I can do it, you can do it… ;-) Just dare to try!


2013-10-20 13.18.48Today I have accomplished one of my biggest challenges and goals before I turn 30, I have run a 5km race! :) Yesssssssss! For some people it might not mean much, but for me it means EVERyTHiNG!

I admit it, I never liked running, and although I had tried to start several times in the last 6 years, I never managed to run more than 20′ without stopping… Today, for the first time in my life and after 42min I achieved one of my dreams!

Although I knew I was ready for the challenge, I freaked out when we were about to start… I started to stare at all the participants, they all looked soooo professional… :( Fortunately my friend, flatmate and run-buddy Tim was there to remind that I should not compare myself to others. What a big true! :)

I panicked for a second…: “what if I am the last one?” Well, someone has to be, right… ?

3, 2, 1, GO! We start running and everybody passes my by… There is just one thing that crosses my mind: “You are going to do this, you can do this… don’t think of the others, you can go slow, it’s fine, but you are going to make it! Everyone has its own rhythm, just make sure you can follow yours so that you don’t have to stop or go walking. Keep your head up, breath and keep running, you are AwEsOmE!“.

When I realised I had run my first 20′ I was already alone, hehe. Even the 80 years old man had passed me… I felt the energy to keep on running, I felt powerful, but I suddenly began to cry… At that moment I was going to make it, like everything else in my life I could dream about… I was there, thanks to my inner force and the support of many people. At that very moment it was not about the race anymore, it was about my whole life and all the challenges I have faced and that are on my way! It was not about me anymore, it was about everyone’s dreams! If I could do it, everyone could do it! Everything is possible, you just have to train, trust and dare to try it! :)

2013-10-20 13.19.51

When I finished I waited for Tim, who went for the 10k. He did amazingly great, he crossed the end of race just 6′ after me!! :) He could not believe it, we were both supper happy of our performances! :) Congrats Tim, and thank you VERY, VERY MUCH! You know I will never ever forget you, “we wrote history… :P”

Now, we will keep on training and go for the next step, but if I could do this, I have no doubt that in december I will be able to run my first 10k! I will tell you more about it then!

Which has been your biggest challenge so far?

Big, big hug and much ♥,


P.D. I did finish the last one from the 5k, but you know what? I am very happy and super proud of myself that I dared to try and I made it! :D

Healthy living… how do you do that??



For how long have you been willing to live a healthier live but you always find great excuses to start on Monday? Well, there is no excuse now…. Today is the day, MONDAY! Yesssss! ;-)

Now that you know that you have what you need to get started, here you are a schema with 4 issues you might want to take into account for a healthy living. It seems too broad right? I can imagine you don’t really know where to start… Do not worry!! (be happy :P) We will be exploring each topic during the following weeks…

So, what about sharing with me where you are or what your plans are to get started??

Happy Monday everyone!

Big Hug,


Getting ready for a great day!



Ñam! This was my food for last Saturday! I was invited to a football tournament in Brugge where we had to bring our own food… A long and intense day was waiting for me! After my morning smoothie I start to prepare everything I need:

  • Gluten free sanwiches with my veggan patés, greens and tahin
  • Fruit
  • Home made energy bars
  • Another green smoothie
  • Water

Not very complicated, right? I made sure I had enough greens and veggie proteins to keep me going all day long… You just need a bit of organisation and think in advance what you will need for such a day… Besides that, you dont need much more that a bit of creativity to prepare your lunch/day box!


What elese do I need? Well, start playing! hahaha Could not wait to start running and kick the ball! I had to say that although I ended up very tired it was because of the lack of hard exercies lately in my life…

So, my next goal for the next month is finding a girls football team in Ghent! I want to get fitter while having fun and meeting new people! I cannot express with words how I feel when I play and I socore! (which btw happend last Saturday!). Ohhh yeahhhhh!

I didn’t even know most of the girs I was playing with, but we had great fun despite all the injuries! hahaha. Thank you very much “Angels”, hope to see you all on the pitch again very soon!

Big hug anf much love,


P.S. The team’s pic will come soon ;-)