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What makes you feel good? Upgrade your day with simple acts!


feel_good_today_quoteI know, I have been a bit absent the las couple of weeks, sorry for that! I’ve been tracing a new plan and getting some insight in my life! I’ve understood how important it is to feel good with whatever I do and the people around me… I realised that I can choose how I want to feel about anything after having gone through it… I also realised that if I do more of what makes me feel good, I am happier and have more energy to make my dreams come true. It doesn’t have to be something big, something the smallest things in life give us the most! :)

These are a few things that make ME feel good!

  • Smile with no reason, smile to someone I do not know and see they smile back!
  • Listening to my favorite song
  • Send a thank you and/or I love you message, especially if you get positive feedback ;-)
  • Buy me some flowers and put them in my room
  • Refresh my house opening the windows (fresh air is always great!)
  • Go for a walk alongside the water
  • Play with animals or kids
  • Accomplish my to do list
  • Do some sports and have a warm shower afterwards
  • Eat with my friends and/or family
  • Laugh out loud, make a joke among friends
  • Speak in my mother tongue
  • Stop for a while, breath, meditate…
  • Surprise my best friend  with an unexpected phone call
  • Give a hug to my roomies

What about you? What do you do to feel good? What is your next step for changing your mood and feel good today?

Big hug,