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My 5 top reasons to eat organic :)


I have been all over the place for the past weeks trying to understand what was going on in my life. I had to stop and write my priorities down. The first one is: taking care of myself in order to stay healthy :) Sounds cool, right? Well, next step is revising what I am doing to get there and what else could be done to feel better about it. One of the most important things that come to my mind then is food :) So I start revising what I eat and I realise that although it is not bad at all (specially compared to a couple of years ago), I am missing something! Hmmmm… Interesting… What’s wrong then? Well, for one thing or another I had almost stopped buying organic foodorganic

Why? Maybe because its more expensive or less convenient that the regular supermarket…  However after having worked in an organic (and vegetarian) fryi

ng shop during the weekend I realised I wanted to go back to eating organic as much as possible! Why? Here you are my main reasons to buy and eat organic:

  1. It keeps chemicals away from my plate
  2. It adds nourishment and flavor!
  3. It protects water quality and helps the environoment
  4. It helps the development of the local economy
  5. It promotes eating veggies from the season, which will help you to conect with yourself

What is your main reason to eat organic? Do you have more reasons? Stay tuned to check the best tricks to eat organic while saving money! ;-)

Big hug and loads of organic food!