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Before I turn 30…


October is here! OMG!! Time flies!! What about all the plans and things on my wish list for 2013? Did I do them? Well… hehe… not all of them… ;) However I do have to say that many other unexpected and cool things happened in the meantime.

“Life is what happens when you are making other plans… “

Since my birthday is in March and I will turn 30 (OMG, time REALLY flies! hahaha) I thought it would be nice to revise those goals for 2013 and include a few more giving me some extra time to accomplish them (both personal and professional)… There we go!!

  • Make my business my main source of income
  • Give at least one talk/lecture/workshop a month (give at least one in Dutch!)
  • Get more that 200 likes in both my FB fan pages (Sara.es on the GO and CaNdiReCeTaS)
  • More than 100.000 visits in my recipes blog http://www.CaNdiReCeTaS.blogspot.com
  • At least 50 followers in this blog
  • Find a working partner for new local and healthy projects
  • Give a new look to my website, more personal, more me… ♥
  • Travel to a place where I have never been before in Belgium
  • Visit some friends in Germany & Switzerland (Alisa, Laura and Sandra are a must!)
  • Take some days off in the mountains for myself and go hiking with my backpack
  • Plan my holidays for 2014 and save at least one week for a retreat :)
  • Chose beter who do I want to spend my time with
  • Go to the sea
  • Finish my 20 classes yoga pass
  • Participate in a padel competition
  • Run a 10k
  • Go home for Christmas
  • Read one interesting book a month
  • Get rid of things I don’t need anymore: old skies, iPad, some clothes, mental dust…
  • Get a SlowJuicer and a new second hand bike :)
  • Do a 5 days detox! I am very excited about this one, I will keep you posted about how it goes… ;-)
  • Focus on my breathing and live more in the present moment (that’s a good one!)
  • Keep al my already good habits: lemon juice in the morning, meditating, green smoothies, eating 70% raw, at least 1600 minutes exercise a week, keep in touch with old friends and family quite often, be happy, make other people happy (love that one), put passion on everything I do (specially when working -and selling fries-), let things go, go with the flow, be open, stay positive (everything happens for a reason, right?), trust, believe in me… Hehe, seems that I am already doing a great job here… :P

Well, I think that’s more than enough, lets let some room for the unexpected and wish me luck! ;-)

2013-09-28 11.10.54

Btw, I am already planning a big party for my 30th b-day to celebrate all my achievements with the people I love! :) I’m veeeeeery excited about it!!! :))))))

What are your goals?? Share them with me, they become closer once you have the intention and write it down… ;-)

Big big hug!!

New “ME”… Celebrating change!


Yes, as you might have already noticed September is the month where everything re-starts… School, work (for many of us), projects, and why not challenges? Let’s take it as a second change for a new begin! :)


This is me, well, my new me! The difference? My awareness… I feel much more connected to my body, isn’t it great? I think so… :) This summer I had the chance to go back home, disconnect from everything, spend some time with my friends from high-school & attend a lovely wedding with some of them, spend a lot of time with my family and follow an intense raw cooking course that has completely changed my life! It is said that we are who we are, that we don’t change; it is also said that if you don’t like something you can change it. I say “We can’t change our essence, we simply  grow and evolve…” (at least that is how I like to see it…)

All this to say thank you for being there and grow together for a healthier & better world where love always wins and we always get what we want! Follow your dreams, do not give up and stay tuned, you already have all the answers inside of you! ;-) Follow your inner voice!!

Btw, in the picture I am @ Fres Co (www.frescco.com) in one of their restaurants in Madrid. They offer their buffet all over Spain and you can choose from a large variety of salads (among other things).  The best? it is raw, vegan, sugar and gluten-free for les than 12€! I is not organic, but a great option for dinning out!

I will be back soon with more meals on the GO!

Big hug and much love,



Are you loving yourself up??



I know I do my best to treat others the way I want them to treat me, but, am I treating myself how I would like to be treated?? Good question, right… hahaha Well, the answer is not always… :( -shame on me!-

We are not used to think of ourselves, love us or give us what we really deserve: beautiful words, good food, nice company, ME-time, relax…

So, what’s your plan to love yourself up? I’m giving me the best food I can, I want my body to be happy and be able to follow me till the end of the day!

What about you?

Big hug and lost of love,


Keep flying! :)


About to fly...

Life is like playing with a trapeze, sometimes you just have to get impulse, open your hands, let yourself go and fly until you reach the next grip! Exciting, right? It is… As well as scary when you are at a place where you cannot catch anything else to support yourself, the only thing you can do is to trust your intuition, keep your head up and get ready for the next trapeze….

Like every other week I had my appointment on Skype with my lovely peer coach Suzy (yes, coaches also have coaches, we are still human beings and need support :p). We were both facing this crazy moment where everything seemed to be happening very fast and at the same moment but yet not going as we might had expected. Then, she came with this great thought we had learned at school about the trapeze…

While you are hanging and balancing, you are still in your comfort zone (although it might already be a bit risky sometimes). You get used to the movement and you start enjoying it and feeling comfortable… However, you cannot stay there forever… On the other hand, to be able to get to the next trapeze, you need to jump and fly!

And that is where I am right now… On the air! :) Trusting that everything will be fine and that a great view is waiting for me at the next trapeze!

Thank you my angel Suzy for watching me from the distance and waiting for me at the other side, that makes things much easier for me! :)

Big hug,