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You can run away, but your fears will come along if you don’t face them…


Genenva 027

City, job, friends… You can make any major change in your life, but if you do it expecting to become happier just like that instead looking for the reason why you need those changes,  I’m afraid you will still have to confront the issues some time int he future…

I had it for a long time with the destinations I was living in. When things would start to become harder for whatever reason or they would not look the way I would like to, I would come up with a new plan to flee…

I am not saying that we should never make changes in our lives, of course we have to in order to develop and go after what we want. However we tend to think that the grass is greener at the other side… If we would just stop. think and look inside of us to see what’s going on we would save a lot energy trying to change the “wrong thing”.

I have recently felt fear. But for once I decided not to run away. I am not only staying in the same city this time but I am also chasing my dream and working hard to get it! I am not going to hide or hold back any more, because I am worth it, as simple as that!

Thank you Marina for helping me realise how much I have to offer and how important it is to face our fears, with support everything is possible! I am very grateful for all the new people in my life that are supporting me, I could not be happier that they all appeared at the right moment! :) Let’s do it, let’s shine all together! :-)

What is it what you are avoiding doing? What are you afraid of? I feel now safe, and it feels great!

Big hug and much love,