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Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life! Yeahhhh! :)


Celebrating.... :)

I want to invite you all to take part of this new journey that officially starts today but actually started long time ago… TODAY IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE, like every other day you could think, hehe, but today I celebrate that I become officially independent! ;-) It doesn’t just mean that from now onwards I will have “a job” or have to pay my taxes or that I need clients (which I also do, btw, hehe), but it means that I have found my path! Yessssssssss! I am following a dream that has been taking shape during the last years and has become true in a way that I would have never expected! However I could not be happier!  And therefore I want to thank you all for having met you and be/have been somehow part of my life.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about yet, I am still Sara (or Sarita for some of you) from Rivas (Madrid), the one who left 5 years ago on exchange and never came back, ups! Well, I am also Sara (still Sarita for some of you), this “kind of crazy” Spanish girl who moved Ghent to learning Dutch and who now happens to be a “Health Coach”! … Interesting… right?

To make the story short and get where I want to go, I just wanted to “re-present” myself and tell you what I am up to now… After some years of being out of balance and quite lost I finally found my passion and my way, and therefore I would like to share some of the things that I have learned with you! As you might have noticed by now, as a Health Coach, I help people reaching their goals through small changes that would lead them to a healthier lifestyle! Amazing, right?  I think so… hihi ;-)

Anyway, besides giving workshops, cooking lessons, info sessions and working  with clients on one to one as well as in groups, I also want to share with you that I do stay healthy. In this blog I will be posting about the small things that make a big difference in my life and that can also make it in yours! From what I have for breakfast to keep the energy all day long, to the song that lifts up my mood when I am down, fast but good recipies  or how do I manage to eat healthy even when travelling or eating out! –from there the name “on the GO!” ;-)-

This might be especially interesting if you are celiac, vegetarian, vegan, flexeterian (you name it), you are having some intolerances (gluten, wheat, nuts, soy, sugar, lactose, diary in general, etc), going through some illnesses with specific diets (candidas, diabetes, IBS, etc) or you just want to create and maintain healthier habits in your life. It is about learning how to go with the flow, let go, connect with yourself, with others and with nature while living in this hectic society!

I am here for you, so share it with whomever you think might like it and participate, please! That is how we all grow!!

Thank you all for being there and make me such a happy person! ;) Special thanks for those who believe in me and remind me every day that I can make it.  Thanks for all your love, hugs, smiles and kind words… Mención especial a mis padres, sin ellos no estaría hoy aquí (¡os quiero mucho!).Heel erg bedankt aan mijn “Gentse familie” voor al jullie steun, al jullie onderricht en geduld” (will get there one day guys… :P)

Big big hug and much love to everyone!

Sara.es on the GO!

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