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Eating Vegan in… Ghent! @ De Zuidkant!


Ohhh yeah baby! Las Monday the 20th november I had de honour to enjoy a very cozy evening! Every single detail was just perfect, the company, the place, the food and the music! My boss and friend Lucie asked me to go with her to this new restaurant in Ghent, De Zuidkant, to delight the concert of a friend of hers. I just could not say no!


Unfortunately I don’t have any pics from the nice food we had (btw, vegan as far as I know), but I do have the poster from the eve with artist presentation: Michael Holt. I had already heard from him at Lucie’s place, but the “house concert” was even better! This guy has a very special touch, he’s very sweet, deep and authentic as well as funny :) He managed to involve us all with his music, which was food for the soul! He tought was that we should take some time to just enjoy music while doing nothing else! Wise words, thank you Michael for the “slow music”! ;-)

Food wise, it was a closed menu, we could not choose what to eat, but who wants to choose when everything we ate was simply delicious? The restaurant has been open for less than a month now, but it is already a success! Griet & Ellen, the owners, do know how it make your meal a great experience :) They do have a special formula, they cook something different everyday and you can go with your own containers and enjoy their food at home! That’s the perfect excuse to visit them often and try their creations. I am sure I will be back very soon, you will read more about it then! ;-)

Here you are both links, the one from Michael’s website and the one from the restaurant! 



Will be back soon! Big hug and much love,


Do you want to re-connect with yourself this summer? Dont miss this summer camp in Antwerp! ;-)


zomer weken

I know, it is not summer yet, but do you already have plans? Don’t know what to do or have no people to do it with? Well, that was me last year, haha. I wanted to do something my future self would thank me for and have fun at the same time. More than taht I met very nice people and learned a lot about macrobiotics, yoga and eastern medicine among others… I also had the time to relax and enjoy just “being”… Doesn’t it sound cool? Wouldn’t you love to do the same? Well, you can! :)

Last year I spent a great week in Antwerp at Summer Camp organised by “De Natuurlijke Kookschool”. This year it will take place from the 29th of July till the 3rd of August. If you want to learn more about it I invite you check this video and visit their website!

Summer Camp in Antwerp 2012 :)


I will be there, hope to see you around! :)

Big hug,