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Getting ready for a great day!



Ñam! This was my food for last Saturday! I was invited to a football tournament in Brugge where we had to bring our own food… A long and intense day was waiting for me! After my morning smoothie I start to prepare everything I need:

  • Gluten free sanwiches with my veggan patés, greens and tahin
  • Fruit
  • Home made energy bars
  • Another green smoothie
  • Water

Not very complicated, right? I made sure I had enough greens and veggie proteins to keep me going all day long… You just need a bit of organisation and think in advance what you will need for such a day… Besides that, you dont need much more that a bit of creativity to prepare your lunch/day box!


What elese do I need? Well, start playing! hahaha Could not wait to start running and kick the ball! I had to say that although I ended up very tired it was because of the lack of hard exercies lately in my life…

So, my next goal for the next month is finding a girls football team in Ghent! I want to get fitter while having fun and meeting new people! I cannot express with words how I feel when I play and I socore! (which btw happend last Saturday!). Ohhh yeahhhhh!

I didn’t even know most of the girs I was playing with, but we had great fun despite all the injuries! hahaha. Thank you very much “Angels”, hope to see you all on the pitch again very soon!

Big hug anf much love,


P.S. The team’s pic will come soon ;-)