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Make a wish…


IMG_1910_resizedHow often do we dream with whatever we want to happen but the closer we are the more scared we get and the harder it seems to reach it? Why don’t we dare? Where does the resistance come from? What are we afraid of? Don’t we deserve it?

Although I am doing very good with many things in my life, I still feel some resistance. I know it is the general feeling for many people, some things are moving and shaking, but in other areas nothing seems to happen…

This weekend I spend some time with someone who reminded me that everything is possible, that we just have to create our chances and get them! Thank you Maarten! That was a precious tip!

On the other hand tonight it is new moon, perfect moment to create new things in our lives… November has just started and is certainly going to bring many new things in my life. The year is about to end but still many things have to develop one way or another, so let’s help it a little bit!

Sunday eve I wrote my wish down and this week I am showing up more than ever… I am sure I will see amazing results very soon! :) Mliracles happen every day! I believe in it, I embrace them and I allow them to happen! Do you want the same in your life? Go out of your comfort zone and make it happen, it is  much easier than we think!! We just have to be ready and take action :) I am… What about you? ;-)

Thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend. Thank you in advance for the great week ahead with new energy and old friends visiting, it’s going to be awesome!

What is your wish? :)

Big hug and much ♥,


Keep flying! :)


About to fly...

Life is like playing with a trapeze, sometimes you just have to get impulse, open your hands, let yourself go and fly until you reach the next grip! Exciting, right? It is… As well as scary when you are at a place where you cannot catch anything else to support yourself, the only thing you can do is to trust your intuition, keep your head up and get ready for the next trapeze….

Like every other week I had my appointment on Skype with my lovely peer coach Suzy (yes, coaches also have coaches, we are still human beings and need support :p). We were both facing this crazy moment where everything seemed to be happening very fast and at the same moment but yet not going as we might had expected. Then, she came with this great thought we had learned at school about the trapeze…

While you are hanging and balancing, you are still in your comfort zone (although it might already be a bit risky sometimes). You get used to the movement and you start enjoying it and feeling comfortable… However, you cannot stay there forever… On the other hand, to be able to get to the next trapeze, you need to jump and fly!

And that is where I am right now… On the air! :) Trusting that everything will be fine and that a great view is waiting for me at the next trapeze!

Thank you my angel Suzy for watching me from the distance and waiting for me at the other side, that makes things much easier for me! :)

Big hug,