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Beautiful things take time to grow…


Are you a bit impatient some times? Do you lose your nerves easily when things don’t go as expected? Well, maybe there is a reason why! Following our dreams is great, but sometimes it takes a bit more time than we would like it to… So breathe in, breathe out and take this as your new mantra! “Beautiful things take time to grow”

Beautiful things take time to grow

Have a great week and keep up!

Big hug and much love,



As soon as you understand that, your inner peace and relationships with everyone become much much easier… :) Every now and then it is hard to accept it, but some people are in our lives for a short period of time… Whether we like it or not, whether it is for the good or for the bad…

People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime

Sometimes they just come to teach us something about life or about ourselves, which can turn to be a very positive or revealing experience if we are awake enough to see it. However it can also be perceived as a not that positive experience if at that precise moment we miss the purpose.

Not because we want someone to stay forever they will, the same way not because we want someone to disappear tomorrow they will. The key? As for me, accepting the situation whatever it is and being thankful to them for being in our lives and teach us what we need to learn at that moment… :)

Therefore I am very grateful to all the people who came and/or still are in my life that I don’t understand very well… (Let’s say it in a nice way, hehe) (Btw, I send them lots of love, because that’s something they are certainly missing!  ♥). On the other hand I am even more grateful to all the people I have encountered in my life that have given me the motivation I was missing, the support I needed and all love they had!  I could not be happier for having shared at least a second with you all!

Right now I would love to give a few nice words to those friends who the last weeks have been there for sure for a reason, at least this season and who knows if for a lifetime: Laura, An-Sofie, Sandra, Sara, henar, Camilla, Tim & Jeroen, THANKS A LOT, you are simply AMAZING! Love you guys!!

People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime…