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Do you want to smile? This will make you happy… ;-)


Good morning everyone!

Today I have a quite impersonal but deep message: watch this video and tell me what you think about it!

My friend, housemate & run-buddy Tim posted very recently on my FB. I had already seen it before, but as al things in life it came at the perfect moment to remind me how good I am doing and how beautiful life is! :) So, dont stay there staring, star doing something!

Live, love, laugh… be happy and watch the video again! ;-)


Btw, Tim, thanks again for being there, you are AWESOME! ;-)

PeOpLe ShOuLd SmiLe MoRe! :)))))


People should smile more

Many people do not like Mondays… I do love them! They mean a new begining to me… a new chance to create something new or change what you don’t like…

Today I want to cheer you up with one of my favourite songs, People Should smile more, by Newton Faulkner!

I wish you all a great week full of beautiful smiles!  ;-)

Big Hug!! :))))