My Christmas Gift to YOU ALL!


I used to like buying presents to everyone I love for Christmas and special occasions. However the past years I am very much against buying “whatever” just because… Nowadays we have everything we need, we buy it all the time, so why not to be original and offer more alternative presents thinking about the person we want to give something to? What would they like to do with you? What about:

  • Your time
  • Cooking a healthy tasty meal for someone special
  • Go to a nice restaurant together
  • Walk in the nature
  • Visiting an old friend
  • Take a day off together
  • Wellness day (sauna, jacuzzi…)
  • DIY presents
  • Love
  • Smiles
  • Hugs
  • ……

Which one would you like to receive the most? Which one could you add to the list? 

Because I am an unconditional dreamer and we are in crisis, here you have my present for you this year, it personalised because you can ask for what you want, isn’t it great? Plus it is re-usable and you can give to those who you love the most! Share it!! :)

make a wish 2


And because I like you and it is also free, I am gonna send you an extra-gift… A Big fat hug!! Yesssss, you know I love them and I want you to share them, so please do!

Big hug


Merry Christmas!! I wish all your dreams come true next year (well, leave some for the rest of your life, otherwise it would not be exciting anymore, hehehe), lots of love and a health!

Thanks a lot for having supported me this year, you are AWESOME!

Another big hug and much love, ♥


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  1. I would like to receive to go to a bio vegetarian restaurant with that person.
    What would you like to receive the most of your list , Sara? ;-)
    Anyway nice ideas to give and to get!

    What a nice present, Sara you give to all of us! <3 <3
    I wish you a cosy Christmas and the very best for you <3 in 2014!
    Big hug for you, girl!

    • Hi Kris! Thanks for sharing! As for me, since I do almost all of them sometimes, I guess I’d go for the one I do less: a walk in nature!

      Im having a very special Christmas back home (hope you too), looking forward to an outstanding 2014!

      Much love and my best wishes (togherer with many big hugs!)

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  3. Hola Sara, espero que hayas tenido una navidad estupenda y un comienzo de año maravilloso. Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog, estoy en transición de vegetariana a vegana y, buscando opciones veganas en Gante, a donde voy de prácticas en febrero, me he encontrado con tu blog.

    ¡Saludos desde Sevilla!

    • Hola Feline!

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario! Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado mi blog! Tienes suerte, Gante es la capital del vegetarianismo en Europa! (es la ciudad con más restaurantes vegetarianos por ciudadano :))

      Te deseo un año muy verde y feliz, avísame cuando estés por aquí!

      Un abrazo enorme,

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