My slow juicer and I… ;-)


A few weeks ago, right after my friend arrived, I received one of the best present I have ever got to myself, a slow juicer! I know, it sounds crazy, especially if you think of how much I spent on it, but you know what? I love it! I have been using it everyday ever  since and I know its changing my life! It sounds commercial, I wont deny it, but the green juices taste actually very good! hahahaha (I would have never ever thought so though…)

2013-10-03 13.28.54

So here I am, preparing my first juice! Curious about what I put in it?







There are tons of recipes on the internet you can check, I will be posting my favorite ones in the following weeks… :) Which one do you like the most?

Big hug and much love,


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  1. Post them please also in Dutch… I’ve got it very difficult whit food in Englisch ;) Really I need to translate every thing. A good link in dutch would also be nice.
    Much love to you my friend,

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