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Eating RAW in… Antwerpen! @eten vol leven – What a Wrap! :)



Here I am eating raw food one more time, where? In Antwerp again! It seems to be the paradise for raw eaters in Belgium, yesssss! I spent a week working in this beautiful city with not much time to cooking or whatsoever… Fortunately I did some research and I discovered “eten vol leven” a great “ORGANIC JUICEBAR – RAW FOOD KITCHEN”!

What I ate? A wrap made with love and “sur demande” (I kindly asked for no cucumber and they put some apple instead…). I don’t really remember the ingredients, but for less that 8€ I had a tasty raw organic wrap! (Very ecological too as you can see in the picture).Photo0163

So, if you live in Antwerp or are just doing some tourism around, don’t miss the chance to visit this cozy establishment and enjoy a meal full of love!

Thanks a lot for your service and “veel succes”  ♥

P.S. here’s their link! ;-)


As soon as you understand that, your inner peace and relationships with everyone become much much easier… :) Every now and then it is hard to accept it, but some people are in our lives for a short period of time… Whether we like it or not, whether it is for the good or for the bad…

People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime

Sometimes they just come to teach us something about life or about ourselves, which can turn to be a very positive or revealing experience if we are awake enough to see it. However it can also be perceived as a not that positive experience if at that precise moment we miss the purpose.

Not because we want someone to stay forever they will, the same way not because we want someone to disappear tomorrow they will. The key? As for me, accepting the situation whatever it is and being thankful to them for being in our lives and teach us what we need to learn at that moment… :)

Therefore I am very grateful to all the people who came and/or still are in my life that I don’t understand very well… (Let’s say it in a nice way, hehe) (Btw, I send them lots of love, because that’s something they are certainly missing!  ♥). On the other hand I am even more grateful to all the people I have encountered in my life that have given me the motivation I was missing, the support I needed and all love they had!  I could not be happier for having shared at least a second with you all!

Right now I would love to give a few nice words to those friends who the last weeks have been there for sure for a reason, at least this season and who knows if for a lifetime: Laura, An-Sofie, Sandra, Sara, henar, Camilla, Tim & Jeroen, THANKS A LOT, you are simply AMAZING! Love you guys!!

People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime…

Eating healthy @Gitanekesfoor, lots of options!!


405586_468343946584014_1824370572_nAt the beginning of September I went working to a nice gypsy circus and music festival in Belgium, Gitanekesfoor. As always, I had planned most of my meals in advance but fortunately I had also left some room for nice surprises! :) 

The catering in the festival was much different from most festivals I’ve been to… Organic fries, vegetarian balls, gluten-free pancakes, watermelon, fresh made juices or home-made pizza among other dishes definitely upgraded the experience of all us! :)

Here you are the most vegan, gluten and sugar-free options!

Vega met Ballen:416472_466476660080841_1331553615_o

This little caravan assisted by 4 lovely Dutch girls   very tasty pitas filled with fresh salad and all kind of veggie balls. Since I don’t take any gluten, they offered me a dish with falafel and salad, OMG, sooo yummy!!


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, it didn’t last long on my plate… hihi. Thank you girls, you are doing an amazing job!! Good luck and hope to meet you again in any other festival!

You can find them here  and on FB!




De Sappentrapper:

Have you ever ridden a bike to get your own fruit juice? This this I don’t mean to take your bike to get to the store, hehe. Now it is possible! This creative company gives you the chance to make your own  fresh made fruit juice that you blend yourself at the same time you practice some exercise… Plus it is very ecological because they don’t need any electricity! Amazing, right? :)


Well, this is me preparing my morning juice! Could not be happier… :) If you want to have such an experience contact them through his website or via FB




De NatuurFrituur: DNFlogoblog27dec12BIS

I will not say much about it because it deserves a whole post for itself! This cooperative not only uses organic products from A to Z but it is also completely vegetarian with some vegan options! It is true that fried fries are not super heathy, but the whole concept involves a very conscious alternative…


To get to know more about them (us, I am proud to say that I work for them), visit or FB!






VZW Katapult:


At last but not least, milk and gluten-free pancakes (baked with bookweit)! Ok, true, they contain eggs (so they are not vegan), but ehh, that’s already something, right? :)  Plus their friendly staff you can put on top of your pancake whatever you like!

Do you want to know more about them? Visit!

Well, that was it! Thank you all for giving us so many wonderful alternatives for a more eco-healthy-friendly world! Wish you luck, hope to see you (at least) next year again! :)

Big hug and much love,

My mission: making other people’s life easier and happier… :)


2013-09-14 16.38.45Recently, after asking myself many questions about my life in general I discover what my mission was: making other people’s life easier and happier… :) Isn’t it beautiful?? I love it… hehehe

If that is what I came here for, another question comes to my mind now… HOW am I going to do that?!?!?  Well, doing what I best know how to do and have self-experience: giving alternatives to people with special diets and/or a busy life for a healthier and happier living. Can you see the picture? I am on my way to work as happy as someone can be when she is doing her purpose in life, yeahhhhhhhh! :)

Because I learned how to enjoy the trip instead of getting obsessed with the destination, I can help you doing the same! Doesn’t it sound good? What is it this thing that you struggle the most with? Having time for you? Healthy cooking? Exercising? Finding your balance? Follow a plan? Is there anything specific you would like me to help you with or know more about ? Any tips you are missing? How can I serve you? 

Stay tuned and do not hesitate to contact me for a personal program! The following weeks are coming full of new recipes to keep on going and eat well on the go!

Btw, don’t forget to find me on FB or share the info with your friends and family!

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Much love, On the GO!

New “ME”… Celebrating change!


Yes, as you might have already noticed September is the month where everything re-starts… School, work (for many of us), projects, and why not challenges? Let’s take it as a second change for a new begin! :)


This is me, well, my new me! The difference? My awareness… I feel much more connected to my body, isn’t it great? I think so… :) This summer I had the chance to go back home, disconnect from everything, spend some time with my friends from high-school & attend a lovely wedding with some of them, spend a lot of time with my family and follow an intense raw cooking course that has completely changed my life! It is said that we are who we are, that we don’t change; it is also said that if you don’t like something you can change it. I say “We can’t change our essence, we simply  grow and evolve…” (at least that is how I like to see it…)

All this to say thank you for being there and grow together for a healthier & better world where love always wins and we always get what we want! Follow your dreams, do not give up and stay tuned, you already have all the answers inside of you! ;-) Follow your inner voice!!

Btw, in the picture I am @ Fres Co ( in one of their restaurants in Madrid. They offer their buffet all over Spain and you can choose from a large variety of salads (among other things).  The best? it is raw, vegan, sugar and gluten-free for les than 12€! I is not organic, but a great option for dinning out!

I will be back soon with more meals on the GO!

Big hug and much love,