Do you bike? I love it! :)



A few weeks ago I posted a small schema with the key elements for a healthy living and then I gave some good reasons why you might want to get started to exercise a bit everyday.

After walking, one of the best activities you can do is cycling. So, step number one, get you a bike (if you don’t have one) or take out from the basement! ;-)  If your city is bike friendly there is no excuse to get started (at least for small errands). If it’s not the case, maybe you want to start using it during the weekends for small trips around the city ;-)

Mine is not a good excuse, as soon as you will start riding your bike you will start saving on fuel, parking lots or public transportation! Plus there are many places where you can find good deals or even second-hand bikes! 

As you can see besides the physical activity you will be doing while saving some money, biking has a number of other benefits, which one is your favourite?? Mine are that it is cheaper than a car, faster than walking and great for the environment!

Think about it! ;-)

Big hug and lots of love,

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  1. Cycling is almost free and makes you feel free ! Faster than a car on a short distance and saves time since no need to go to the fitness, better health and longer life expectation, the only problem is that you don’t have anymore the excuse of traffic jam when you’re late ;-)
    Good stuff Sara !

  2. I remember how Sarit first biking expirience was! Pretty awful actually :)
    She studied in Holland (my roommate). The country were people are born on a bike. But Sara came freshly from spain, and her condition was, wel, she had one but she was exhausted when she came home after school.
    But, there’s a ‘but’ here.. she came to like it and took it really seriously. And now i read she loves it!
    Amazing, your a good fighter Sara!!!

    Muchas besos, te hermano, miguel de la Suecia

    • Miguel! Mi hermanito sueco! Thanks a lot for passing by, writting a comment and saying such a beautiful thing! :) I still remember those days… hahaha

      Veel liefs,


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