Healthy living… how do you do that??



For how long have you been willing to live a healthier live but you always find great excuses to start on Monday? Well, there is no excuse now…. Today is the day, MONDAY! Yesssss! ;-)

Now that you know that you have what you need to get started, here you are a schema with 4 issues you might want to take into account for a healthy living. It seems too broad right? I can imagine you don’t really know where to start… Do not worry!! (be happy :P) We will be exploring each topic during the following weeks…

So, what about sharing with me where you are or what your plans are to get started??

Happy Monday everyone!

Big Hug,

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  1. Okay, about the regular exercise… I would like to incorporate that in simple daily routines. Where to start and how to proceed?

    • Hey Benjamin! How nice to hear from you! :) I will post more about it very soon, but what about this to get started: “minute tracker”. It is a chart with a certain amount of minutes you might want to exercise every month. You can divide it by weeks and so try to reach your weekly goal with things like: taking 10 min from your lunch time to go for a walk, avoid taking the car for short rides, step out of the bus a stop before yours… How does it sound so far? If you want I can send it to you!  Thanks a lot for your comment anyway, keep posted! Big hug,

      • Would be nice to send me the chart… what you suggest sounds good, I try to exercise as much as possible by going outside by foot or by bike so I might pursue that!

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